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The “worst of” wining and dining in Malta…

“Worst seafood and pasta”: It’s got to be George’s Seafront in Bugibba. Lured by its fantastic view over the bay and the mix of international people inside, and a cheap menu, this place turned out to be a shocker. Can you really go wrong with bruschetta and bolognaise? Apparently, yes. The bruschetta looked like it was made out of the leftovers from the fridge with three pieces of tomato, four pieces of raw onion and some scrapings of what looked like the bottom of a jar of olives. The bolognaise wasn’t much better … the pasta was stuck together like glue and the sauce a gooey mix of meat and tomato that had probably looked better in a previous life. The frozen/tinned shrimps with garlic were worse again – on a bed of plain rice, the only flavor came from the garlic cloves. Still at EUR 4 for a bolognaise and EUR 8 for the shrimps, I guess you can’t expect much!

“Worst Asian experience”: I’ve eaten in Wagamama in Copenhagen(threw up one hour after leaving); in Dublin(my food was served cold and dry) and in Malta. Each experience just gets worse and worse. I decided in Malta to give it another chance and ordered the fried rice with chicken. For EUR 9 I got two meals of my choice as they had a buy one get one free offer. Good value BUT the dish consisted of eight pieces of chicken, some half-cooked onion, some corn and slices of peppers thrown in for a splash of color and not much else. Good for kids who have fun with the chopsticks and like eating something different than McDonalds.

“Most overpriced café”: Café Cuba is trying to be the “Starbucks” of Malta but it’s grossly overpriced by Maltese café standards. I love the décor and concept but it’s just not worth
the money. Expect a coffee and sandwich to set you back around EUR 8 while at most street cafes you can get a decent coffee and pastizz or cake for half the price.

Great view, nice spot, comfy seats ... lousy coffee!

“Worst cup of coffee”:  Without a question, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Golden Bay. A large pot of coffee-flavored water probably made with one teaspoon of Nescafé.

Twenty Two: up in the clouds ... in more ways than one!

“Most expensive cocktail”: Twenty-Two on the top floor of the Portimaso Tower
is trying to be Malta’s “sky bar” concept with a view. Unfortunately, it’s smoky inside, the drinks are overpriced and it feels more like Moscow than Malta. High yes, but I personally think the view at Valletta’s Waterfront is more impressive.

Note: These “worst of” tips are my personal opinions based on several visits to these establishments.

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