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The best full-facial workout ever

My cheekbones are still aching from the Laugh Out Loud (LOL) stand-up comedy show last Saturday in Qawra, Malta, which greatly surpassed all my expectations. Yes, I expected to have a laugh but I was also waiting for some “drier” moments.

However, from the time Tiernan Douieb kickstarted the show at 20.45 to the moment he stepped off stage at 22.45, my whole insides and face had done an intensive two-hour workout.

Douieb got the show off to a lively start by interacting with the audience, picking on the ‘unsuspecting’ couples in the front row of tables asking them about themselves and poking fun at their answers. He also appeared to be baffled that the Maltese ate so much and why they were so into the new fad of ‘planking’.

The crowd was a mix of Maltese and expats but Steve Andrews’ – an expat and upcoming comedian living in Malta who filled the open spot – witty jokes about “the island that logic forgot”-  i.e. Malta– went down well with both.  

Next up was Dana Alexander who was also much better than expected as she played up her Jamaican roots, revealed her current favorite hobby (trying to figure out the nationality of people on the streets of London – her new home – based on … the size and shape of their ass) and the whole ‘women are from Mars, men are from Venus’ concept.

The dirtiest of all was John Fothergill (pronounced ‘For the Girls’ in his strong Newcastle accent) who poked fun at an all-female “lesbian” table in the corner who were celebrating a birthday (“ah, nice, so you came here to celebrate so you didn’t need to talk to each other” he shouted at the table). He also admitted to enjoying his time in Malta – showing off his sunburnt “British tanned” chest, but added that he wasn’t impressed by the Maltese attitude to quality and safety as he bumped along the precariously pot-holed streets during his taxi ride from the airport and watched sailing boats bent over battling the high waves.

The show was superbly organized from start to finish. From the prompt air-conditioned pickup service at Spinola Bay (just EUR 4 return) to the tasty Mexican and Asian platters to nibble on, waiter service and interaction with the crowd, I was glad we splashed out an extra EUR 8 on the Inner Circle seats, as they were worth every cent of it.

Humor can sometimes be differently perceived by different nationalities and culture but this show was funny enough to be appreciated by all and subtle enough so as not to offend anyone. We were a table of Dutch, Irish,New Zealand and Australian expats and each one of us laughed equally hard as did the Maltese group at the next table.

I, like the rest of my group, can’t wait until the next Laugh Out Loud show because for sure, I’m going to become a regular.
Psst … the next shows are planned for September 24 & 25, 2011.
Click here for more info.

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