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The usual New Year’s Eve dilemma … what to do!

Left your New Year’s preparation plans till the last minute again? Paid an arm and a leg for a New Year’s celebration weekend abroad last year in a hotel that didn’t match your expectations and your budget? Bored of ‘to-ing’ and ‘fro-ing’ between friends’ house parties every New Year’s Eve?

Probably you thought about sweeping your special one away – or being swept away – for a cosy weekend in an exotic location or vibrant city. Or maybe you’re just one of those people who hates New Year’s Eve and all the fuss it brings and have resigned yourself to sitting on the sofa watching the celebrations on TV. If you’re a frequent business traveler, probably the thought of a stiff set menu in a decorated conference room at a hotel reminds you just a bit too much of that December office party or a formal business event. But you’re in a bit of dilemma. You don’t want to go away and you don’t want to sit home or go to a house party. And you don’t want to cook or hang out with a bunch of strangers. Maybe you’re in the mood for getting dressed up and spending but looking for that something special to splash out on.

Almost every hotel and top-notch restaurant offers a ‘special’ New Year’s Eve menu … ‘special’ in so far that they can justify a pretty steep set price because it is New Year’s Eve and because their staff have to sweat hard indoors instead of joining in the celebrations outside. Last week I struggled looking for a suitable New Year’s Eve dinner venue for myself and my husband. And that’s quite a bit of research as they are umpteen restaurants and hotels in Malta to choose from. Many menus looked great, some were new places I hadn’t been to and were on my “to see” list … but in the end, we settled on an ‘old’ favorite which holds special memories for us as it is where we got engaged, where the food and service is always good, and where we have spent many lovely evenings together – Grill 3301 at the Corinthia in St. George’s Bay, Malta.

Interior of Grill 3301: romantic atmosphere and stunning views.

My rationale: Why risk paying the same price somewhere else when you know what you’re getting. The menu at Grill 3301 with its focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients sucked us in like a magnet, combined with its large glass windows with panoramic sea views and professional service. The seven-course menu together with drinks for two people will set us back around EUR 180 – less than the price of a night in a good hotel in London for New Year’s Eve or a flight within Europe for one person. It’s not cheap but for a pleasant, hassle-free evening, it’s a good investment! I’m a sucker for the Grill’s beef steaks which are served on iron plates and accompanied with little saucepans for the side orders and a ‘soup ladle’ for your choice of sauce. There’s just about everything from the Kobe beef steak which will set you back around EUR 60 or, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, there are simple pasta dishes for around EUR 10. Unfortunately, if you want to try their a la carte menu, you’ll have to go back another time because they have a seven-course set menu for New Year’s Eve, but one which is already making my mouth water.

“If you’re looking for a romantic dinner with exquisite food and unique atmosphere … and to give yourself and your loved ones a special treat for New Year’s Eve, come and celebrate with us,” says Antoine Zammit, restaurant manager, who’s going to be ringing in his fourth new year at Grill 3301.

New Years’ Eve at The Grill 3301 kicks off at 8 pm with a cauliflower puree served with mushroom salad and truffle oil. Next up is a seafood mélange with an interesting combination of limoncello jelly and caviar dressing, followed by wild mushroom risotto with grilled quail. For your main course, it’s going to be a tough choice between the Scottish Aberdeen Angus beef fillet or the red snapper/grouper plate. And, if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be in heaven when you see there is a pre-dessert teaser, before the real dessert, which is not just one but an assortment of three – coconut cheese cake, passion fruit mousse and mango ice cream. All topped off with coffee and petits fours.

That’s bound to bring us up to midnight by which time, we’ll either be ready to hit the sack or jump on our scooter to finish off the night with a bottle of champagne on the bastions of Valletta, before hopping into bed and waking up in 2012.

More information on New Year’s Eve at Grill 3301, click here.

  1. DianaK2011
    December 31, 2011 at 10:57 am

    Thanks for this post! We are staying next to this restaurant and had been debating where to go for NYE. We had been thinking about 3301 but when I read your post I decided that is where we need to go! Went there the other night and loved it.

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